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Clean Heat is a South African based manufacturing company that produces alternative energy products.
Our specialty is solar water heating system we currently produce low and high pressure solar geyser systems. Our products carry up to 5 years guarantee.
Locally manufactured vs. Imported solar geysers
Clean Heat is one of only a few manufacturers of low-pressure geysers in South Africa.
Manufacturing locally as opposed to importing solar geysers has a number of important benefits to clients:
- A more flexible and reliable supply line
- A higher degree of quality control and workmanship that results in a more comprehensive guarantee and after sales service
- Products can be repaired more rapidly and reliably
- Price fluctuation is limited since the product costs do not rely directly on foreign exchange rates
- Emerging new technology can be adopted relatively faster



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General Information

  • How does a solar geyser work:
    Solar Geyser relies on warm water rising, also known as natural convection current, circulating water through the evacuated glass tube collector to the tank.
    The hot water storage tank is located above the absorber evacuated glass tubes.
    As water in the absorber heats, it becomes lighter and naturally rises into the tank above. Meanwhile, cooler water in the tank sinks downwards into the absorber, thus causing circulation throughout the system.
    This phenomenon is known as Thermo Siphon.